Good Choices In Tropical Aquarium Fish When You're A Beginner

If your aquarium is set up and has been running for several days, it's time to add some fish. You'll want to start slowly and add fish a few at a time and give the tank time to adjust before adding more. Here are some good choices in tropical aquarium fish to help you get started on your fun new hobby. 


Mollies are cute fish that are only a few inches long when mature. They're also hardy, so they are good starter fish, and they're non-aggressive, which makes them good for a community tank. They come in bright colors and black. They can eat flakes and pellet food. Plus, they'll eat algae growing in the tank.

Cory Catfish

These catfish only grow to a couple of inches long. You'll probably want some sort of catfish for your tank so they can help you keep it clean by eating food from the bottom of the tank. These fish often like to swim in schools, but you may want to add one or two at a time.

They like pellets and other types of food that sink to the bottom of the aquarium. They come in different colors, and there's even an albino cory you might like.

Kuhli Loach

A kuhli loach would be an interesting addition to your aquarium that would also be fun for kids. A loach is long like a small eel. A kuhli loach is black with orange stripes and spends a lot of time on the bottom of the tank. You'll want to provide plants for it to hide in and feed it live food when possible.

Neon Tetras

Neon tetras are classic tropical fish because they are brightly colored. They are also popular fish for tropical aquariums and they get along well with other non-aggressive fish. A school of neon tetras is relaxing to watch as they swim and dart around the tank. These fish are easy to care for and eat a varied diet.


Angelfish are classic tropical aquarium fish. They're pretty easy to care for and they're beautiful to watch as they swim gracefully around your tank with their long fins. Angelfish can be a little aggressive, so you'll want to be careful about the other fish you pair them with.

When you buy tropical aquarium fish, ask the store representative for advice until you get more knowledge about fish from personal experience. You'll want to buy multiple fish if the fish prefer to live in schools. Also, all the fish you buy should get along well and have the same requirements for lighting and water temperature so they all stay healthy.

Visit a local service to learn more about tropical aquarium fish.