3 Tips To Find And Repair A Hot Tub Leak

Hot tubs are great for relaxing at the end of a long day or soothing aching muscles.

If you have a hot tub at your home, you must be prepared to maintain the tub in order to keep it working efficiently. Leaks are one of the more common issues that homeowners face when maintaining a hot tub.

Here are three tips that you can use to help you find and repair any leaks that plague your hot tub in the future.

1. Find the Leak

A small leak in your hot tub can be hard to find. Small leaks have the potential to wastewater and compromise the function of your hot tub over time.

The easiest way to find the source of a small leak is to use some food coloring. Add several drops of food coloring to your hot tub, then turn on the jets. The food coloring will make it easy to spot where the water is leaking out of your hot tub.

If you aren't able to identify the location of the leak yourself, you will need to contact a repair technician to help you trace the leak to its source.

2. Identify the Affected Component

Your hot tub is made of many different components that must work together. Identifying which component is being affected by the leak will help you prepare a plan to repair your hot tub.

There are two common components that leak in modern hot tubs. These components are the pump and the valves.

The approach for repairing each of these components differs in terms of the knowledge, tools, and parts required. Once you have located the affected component, it's best to call in a professional for help making the necessary repairs.

3. Understand the Repair Process

Hot tub pumps usually leak because of a faulty seal or valve inside the pump itself.

Rubber seals provide a watertight connection between valves inside the pump. Over time, the rubber seals can deteriorate or tear. This damage allows water to leak from the valve as it passes through. A technician should be able to replace the faulty seals to eliminate future leakage.

Your hot tub contains a series of valves that help control the flow of water. If one of these valves becomes damaged, the movement of the water will not be controlled by the valves. A leak will appear as a result. Damaged valves will need to be replaced to prevent any future leaks.

To have your hot tub inspected, contact a spa repair service in your area such as Honey Spas.