4 Plantation Shutter Installation Considerations

When considering the installation of new plantation shutters, it's important to carefully weigh the various options. You want to make the best choice for both your home and your style. 

1. Installation Style

There are two main installation options for plantation shutters. In-frame installation means that the shutters are custom made to fit into the existing window frames so that the shutters create a flush wall surface. Over-frame installation refers to installing a shutter that is slightly larger than the window opening, which means the frame of the shutter protrudes from the wall. Which style you choose depends on your personal preferences and whether you want to fit custom shutters or work with pre-made standard sizes that may not fit in-frame.

2. Material Options

Plantation shutters come in a large range of material options. You can opt for traditional wood, bamboo, or vinyl shutters. Wood is attractive, but it will need to be cleaned and kept dry, as moisture can lead to damage. Bamboo is a bit more durable against some moisture, such as over a kitchen sink, but vinyl is the most durable and moisture-resistant option. All materials can be found in a range of colors and finishes, which means you can match any home's decor. 

3. Accessibility

When it comes to easy operation, few shade options are simpler than plantation shutters. Most use a simple slide to open and close the louvers. This means there are no dangerous cords that could strangle a small child or pet. There are also modern shutters available that can be controlled with a remote or smartphone app, which makes the plantation shutters even easier to operate if one has accessibility challenges. You may even have the option to operate the shutters on a timer or remotely when you aren't home but would like to control privacy and daylight.

4. Efficiency Features

When it comes to energy efficiency, plantation shutters are some of the most efficient window covering options that are available. Wood shutters are naturally insulating due to the thickness of the solid wood, but even vinyl shutters provide some insulation qualities. Shutters that fit snugly into window frames and that are sealed around the perimeter can completely block any and all drafts from a window. When closed, the shutters can also reflect light, if they are lightly colored on the exterior, which can help keep the house cool in the winter.

Contact a plantation shutter installation service if you would like to learn more about the available options.