Add Holiday Lights To Your Home's Facade

Outdoor holiday lights will add a festive air to your residential property. Decide which parts of your residence you would like to illuminate, prepare the exterior, and use some safe and efficient lighting installation steps while completing the project.

Light Types And Installation Areas

String lights, rope lights, mini lights, and icicle stringers will contain either incandescent or LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs emit light as a result of being heated. Each light product will have a maximum wattage capacity. If too many lights are connected to an electrical circuit, you may trip a breaker.

To prevent this from occurring, you should select which circuit the lights will be connected to and only use electrical outlets that pertain to it. Incandescent lights draw a lot of power but are relatively cheap. LED lights use less energy than incandescent bulbs. They are a durable product that can withstand temperature extremes. Decide how elaborate you would like your holiday display to be and purchase incandescent or LED light products that will illuminate each area.

Lighting can be installed around columns or windows or along the upper edge of your home. If you would like to add some detail to your front yard, you may want to consider purchasing lights that can be used to outline a fence, a birdbath, or another immobile feature that is on your property.

Preparations And Connection Tips

Use a pressure washer to clean your home's exterior. Rake leaves, dispose of trash, and move non-seasonal items that will clash with the holiday display. If the gutter system that is attached to your home is located near an area where lights will be installed, remove debris that has accumulated in the gutter sections.

Using a hammer and nails or a staple gun to install lights can leave unsightly marks on surfaces. The use of these tools will also make installing holiday lights much more tedious than the process needs to be.

To prevent damage to your home's exterior, purchase a set of light clips. No tools are needed to install light clips. If you are going to be securing strands that contain a series of large bulbs, the clips will aid with keeping the bulbs aligned in a uniform fashion. Space the clips out evenly along each section where the lights will be displayed. The spacing of the clips will provide ample support to the wires that the holiday bulbs are connected to.

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