Recommendations For Good Weed Control And Elimination For Your Yard

Weeds can be a never-ending problem in your yard and garden during the growing season, which is why it is best to use the right strategies and prevention to keep your yard as free of them as possible. Here are some tips for you to get your yard weeds under control and keep the landscaping attractive and healthy.

Know How to Pull Weeds

When you have a great amount of weed growth in your yard, it can be overwhelming and you might not want to start because it is such a large job. However, don't immediately start pulling weeds from the soil that is dry and hard, because the tops of the weeds will come off in your hand, leaving the roots in the soil to regrow. Water the soil of your patch of weeds to soak it thoroughly, then after a few hours, you can easily pull up all the weeds. For deeper weeds that have weak tops that still may give you trouble, use a sharp knife to slice out the root from the soil. Or you can use a garden trowel to scoop the root completely from the soil.

Sometimes weeds start growing thickly over the soil but are still just a few inches tall. You can quickly remove these from your yard with a stirrup hoe or a traditional garden hoe to pull them from the soil as you loosen the soil surrounding them. You can also slice their roots in half below the soil by cutting down through them with a garden shovel.

Smother Thick Weeds

Weeds that cover a large amount of ground in your yard can be a difficult project for you if you were to pull them by hand or even cut them down with a hoe. However, if there is no other vegetation growing in the area, you can smother the weeds with different materials to kill them off. You can layer over the weeds a sheet of plastic, such as black trash bags or a tarp, which will absorb the sun's heat and bake the weeds until they completely die. Be sure you keep the layers in place over the weeds for several weeks until they have fully died back. Then, you can remove the coverings and scrape up the weeds for disposal and use the soil for other purposes.

Mulch is another way to smother weeds but gives you an attractive covering and rich benefits to the soil. A layer of mulch made of organic materials, such as leaves, bark, wood chips, pine straw, or lawn clippings will cover the soil and block oxygen and sunlight for the weeds to germinate. This is a great option if you want to use the soil for growing vegetation but there are weeds present as well. Pair this with a drip irrigation system for full control of your landscape soil.

For more information about weed control, contact a local gardening company.