What To Expect In Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2021

The fall and winter months are the perfect time to begin planning for all the outdoor living and entertaining you will do in the new year. If it has been a while since you updated your old outdoor furniture, the new trends for 2021 will not disappoint. From bold colors to forged metal furnishings, you are sure to find something you want to add to your outdoor space.

Plastic furniture

Expect to see imitations of stone, rattan, wood, and metal showing up in plastic furniture. This makes it possible to enjoy furniture that looks expensive at a much lower cost. Plastic furnishings can complement any home design and are easy to maintain.

Forged metal furniture

If you love a beautiful and refined style, forged metal furnishings will not let you down. Forged metal furniture can decorate any outdoor landscape in a stylish and sophisticated manner. The only downside to forged metal furniture is its substantial weight and need for reliable coating due to its susceptibility to corrosion.

Stone furniture

Coming in at a higher cost, stone furnishings make up for their initial price in their durability, which can save you money later. Stone is not sensitive to humidity or moisture and it will not corrode or dry out. Stone furniture will fit in especially well with rustic decorating styles but will be right at home with nearly any home design.

Wicker furniture

For cottage and beach lovers, wicker has a natural beauty combined with all the charm of a seaside retreat. It is a great addition to country, shabby chic, and farmhouse style homes, but its cozy comfort will complement the look of contemporary styles as well. It is a natural fit in a garden setting, but it is not as durable as other styles due to the natural fibers being susceptible to the outdoor elements.

Bright colored furniture

Move over neutrals and make way for bold and bright colors to pop up in outdoor landscapes in 2021, especially in chair cushions. Outdoor furniture is likely to be glowing in deep shades of red, orange, and sunflower yellow. These bold colors can dress up even the dreariest outdoor space and will bring a touch of instant charm to any decorating theme.

There is nothing better to chase away the cooler weather blues than to start planning for the warmer days ahead. Outdoor furniture makes a great family gift for the holidays. Checking out the latest trends for 2021 will help you design an outdoor living space that is in style for the spring and summer seasons ahead. Contact a furniture store, such as Nick's Furniture, for more information.