Hardware Store: Sauder Furniture Chic

When you're looking to update your home decor, finding the right furniture is key. The classic Sauder furniture available at your local hardware store can help you put the final touches on just about any home decor redesign project. Here are some chic twists on classic Sauder furniture pieces.

Grain and Stain

Unlike many other furniture pieces available at big box stores, Sauder furniture is built with real, quality wood. Because the quality of wood is so high, you might consider looking for collections that feature subtle stains and bold grains.

Stains: heavy staining or faux lacquering is often used on furniture to hide the poor quality of its wood. These heavy stains and faux lacquering can feel artificial. Choosing a furniture collection with light staining or clear finish can help redesign a room to feel natural and chic. When choosing a furniture piece, consider how the staining might be balanced by other colors in your design. For instance, a lightly stained ash or beech end table and book case can create relief from a darker flooring or showcase a vibrantly painted accent wall. When you choose to buy your furniture from a local hardware store, you likely be able to return it without question and ask for advice from a person who will take the time to get to know you.

Grain: Sauder furniture pieces often use wood grains to create elegant finishes. For instance, you might choose a desk constructed with vertically positioned wood grains for the body, but horizontally positioned wood grains for the drawers. These subtle contrasts create character, without loud colors, glossy finishes, or aggressive staining.

Hardware and Customization

Many big-box stores lure customers in with steep discounts on multiple-piece furniture collections that include items you might not want. The furniture available at your local hardware store, however, is designed for your home's design.

Hardware: one of the easiest ways to customize a furniture piece is with custom hardware. For instance, you might swap the hinges and draw pulls for antique pieces you found somewhere else. Your local hardware store can help you install these hardware modifications, often for free.

Customization: mixing and matching furniture pieces can help you create the design you're looking for. Most hardware stores will allow you to swap pieces from a variety of collections to create the decor lineup that completes your home redesigning project.   

Visit a local hardware store to find furniture collections, like Sauder furniture.