3 Signs Your Home's Electrical Systems Need To Be Updated

Your home's electrical system is designed to last for decades; however, if your home is already decades old, it may be time for your electrical system to be updated. Your home will provide you with signs that it is time to be updated, so you will have some warning that your system needs some help.

Sign #1: Flickering Lights

A single lightbulb may flicker when it is going out. However, if you have multiple light bulbs that are flickering, or if a lightbulb continues to flicker even after it has been replaced, the issue isn't with the lightbulbs. Instead, your fixture needs to be replaced. If this is happening with more than one fixture, it may be time to update the fixtures and the wiring that runs to them.

Sign #2: Electrical Outlets Don't Work Properly

When you plug something into an electrical outlet, the outlet should provide power to whatever you plugged into the outlet. If you have made sure that the item is properly plugged into the outlet, and it will not turn on, the connection to your outlet may be loose or may just be defective. If multiple electrical outlets are not working properly, the issue is with your entire system, not just that outlet. You need an electrician to come in and update all the wires in your home.

Sign #3: Frequent Tripped Breaker

Your circuit breaker may occasionally trip. That is the nature of a circuit breaker. It is designed to turn off when the power supply is overloaded with too much power. It is a safety device that is supposed to keep you safe.

However, your circuit breaker should not frequently turn off. It should not be going off on a daily or weekly basis. This is something that should only happen a few times a year, if at all. If your circuit breaker is going off all the time, you need to have an electrician come out. You may need more circuits installed in your home, or you may need to have a larger and more powerful circuit breaker installed.

If you have multiple flickering light fixtures and multiple outlets that are not working correctly, and your circuit breaker is frequently tripping, you need to have an electrician come out and look at your property. You may need to have the wiring in your home updated so that it is in better shape to supply your home with the power that it needs.

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