Adding Backlit Address Numbers To Your Home

Having address numbers on your home that are easy to see will be important for allowing others to find your address. Opting for address numbers that utilize backlighting can be an excellent way to achieve this goal. 

Consider Using Solar Power For Your Backlit LED Address Numbers

There is an assumption that backlit address numbers will always require a connection to the home's electrical system. This belief stems from the assumption that it will take a lot of power to keep the backlights in these address numbers working. This is particularly true for backlighting systems that utilize LED bulbs as they will require a fraction of the power that traditional lights will need. As a result, it is possible to utilize small solar panels to help provide power for these lights. This can enable individuals to install backlit address numbers without the need to make major changes to the home's electrical system.  

Keep The Numbers Clean

While having backlighting in the address numbers can greatly improve the visibility of the address numbers, this benefit will be sharply reduced if the numbers are allowed to become dirty. Eventually, enough dirt and dust can get on the address number to make it hard to see the light that is coming from it. To avoid this problem from occurring, the address numbers should be regularly cleaned so that these substances will be removed before they are able to block the light coming from the numbers. If your backlit address numbers use solar panels, you should make sure to clean these panels at the same time so that they will have the highest energy output possible. Otherwise, the panels may not be able to produce and store enough power to keep the backlit address numbers working throughout the night.

Ensure The Numbers Are Properly Anchored

When installing backlit address numbers, homeowners will often make the mistake of vastly underestimating the amount of environmental strain that these numbers will experience. For example, the numbers will have to be able to withstand the intense winds, hail, and other conditions that can occur during strong storms. Failing to properly secure these numbers can lead to them coming loose during the storms. In storms with hind winds, these numbers could be blown far from the house by the end of the storm. For homes with brick exteriors, it is usually advisable to leave the installation of these backlit numbers to professionals as it can be challenging to properly secure these numbers to brick and mortar without the right equipment.

If you're considering getting backlit LED address numbers, contact a company like Modern Lights to talk about what powering options you have, the best cleaning solutions, and how to ensure that the numbers are properly attached.