When Wild Rats Move in to Play with Your Pet Rats

Lots of people have pet rats and love them. What they don't love, though, is finding that the rats that they love aren't the only rats living in their home. If you have pet rats and are dealing with an invasion of wild rats, you must act fast. Here, you'll find out what can go wrong if you allow the rats to continue residing in your home and what you can do to eliminate the unwanted rats for good.

Get Your Rats Fixed

When your female rat goes into heat, it will act as a homing device and attract any wild rats that are living nearby. If you have a male rat living with a fixed female, you could still have to deal with your male rat marking his territory, which can similarly attract wild rats.

Take your rats to the vet to have them spayed or neutered. It will not only help to reduce the likelihood of wild rats coming in to visit, but it will help to reduce the odors that your rats cause in your home.

Be Careful with Food Storage

Store your rats' food in an airtight container. Once the wild rats have entered your home, they'll begin looking for food sources. If you keep your rats' food in the box or bag with the rats, the wild rats will quickly find it and you'll have an even more difficult time getting rid of them.

Cover the Sides of the Cage

Believe it or not, rats can mate through wire cages. You need to make it impossible for the wild rats to climb the sides of the cage to reach your pet rats. You can use cardboard to cover the sides, but make sure that there aren't any edges that the rats will be able to grab hold of to climb.

Hire a Pest Control Specialist

The day you see one wild rat in your house, pick up the phone and call a pest control expert. You need to act quickly because not only will the rats reproduce and fill your walls with more rats, but they will do a lot of damage in the process. Think about how many electrical wires you have in the walls—the rats will dine on those wires, and they may cause fires.

Don't wait! Protect your pet rats, your family, and your home from the damage that wild rats will cause to your home. Call a rodent control specialist today.