7 Hand-Made Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Christmas doesn't have to be about the latest electronic gadget. It doesn't have to be about more, or bigger, or better. It should be about friends and family sharing good food, laughing, and exchanging gifts made with love from the heart. Whether you are crafty or not, there is something on the list below for everyone you know. 

1. Knit Scarf: Everyone needs a scarf to keep out the cold winter air and prevent it from sneaking down their back. Scarves are one of those projects that show your love while still being easy enough to make several as gifts over the holiday season. 

2. Fleece Blanket: Even if you aren't crafty, you can make a knotted, fleece blanket. In fact, this is a great project to do with kids because it is both easy and inexpensive. You only need two pieces of fleece to create on and it is often on sale at fabric stores this time of year.  

3. Needlepoint Christmas Stocking: A needlepoint Christmas stocking is always a great gift. First time home buyers appreciate them for their new house and college students like to receive them in the mail filled with lots of little treats. The possibilities are endless with this holiday keepsake. 

4. Baked Goods: Hello? Holiday baking is what defines the season. Everyone, from co-workers to nieces and nephews, loves to get baked goods as a present, Whether its your famous fudge or grandma's thumbprint cookies, holiday memories are often intertwined with cookies. 

5. Cross Stitch Ornament: One popular holiday craft to give this year is a cross stitch ornament. You pick a cross stitch pattern, complete it, and then leave it in the hoop. Add a pretty ribbon and it becomes an ornament, hoop and all. 

6. Cooking Ingredients: For the baker or chef on your list, there are plenty of gift ideas that you can create by transforming ingredients. Homemade vanilla is just high quality vodka steeped with real vanilla beans. You can also make scented sugar by placing vanilla beans, orange peels, or even rose petals in sugar for a few days. Likewise, flavored salt can be created with dried mushrooms, dried chilies, or even lavender. Re-packaged in a clean, food-safe containers and tied with a bow these gifts will be appreciated after the holidays are over. 

7. Homemade Soap: Everyone loves homemade soap. It is one of life's little luxuries. Commercially-made soaps just don't produce the lush lather that homemade ones do. Scented with natural ingredients, this makes for a great, heart-felt Christmas gift. 

Show how much you love your gift recipients by taking the time to make homemade gifts.