Remove An Ancient Downspout And Replace It With A Decorative Copper Rain Chain

If the ancient downspout attached to your home is not only dismal in appearance but also tends to fill up with leaves and twigs leading to tedious cleaning sessions, replace the downspout with copper rain chains. Copper rain chains will not corrode and are molded to resemble bells or similar curved shapes. All of the copper items are secured to a metal chain and are lined up over one another, providing an effective rain distribution system. 

Remove The Downspout And Assess The Distance

Just before purchasing a set of rain chains, remove the gutter system's downspout. Pieces of a standard gutter system tend to overlap, so firmly pulling the top of the downspout downward should release the drainage piece from the rest of the system. The part of the gutter system that is attached to the bottom of the rooftop should remain.

View the opening where the downspout was originally secured. This opening is where the rain chain will need to be centered. A rain chain does not need to reach the ground, but the bottom of the chain should hang a few feet from the ground's surface. Estimate the distance that you want the rain chain to cover.

Hang The Rain Chain

Purchase a rain chain from a retailer that sells yard and gardening supplies. Look at the different styles to find one that will accent your property. You may see rain chains on display, which will provide you with the opportunity to feel the copper pieces to determine how sturdy they are.

Also, make sure that the rain chain that you select contains metal clips. The clips are needed to successfully secure the top of the chain to the metal that surrounds the opening in the gutter piece that is secured to the roof's edge. 

While standing on a utility ladder, remove the chain from its packaging. Grasp the top of the chain with one hand. If any of the copper pieces are tangled, carefully loosen them from one another. Secure the clips to the top of the chain and the gutter section.

You are now all set for the next bout of rain. If, however, your yard is prone to flooding and you are concerned about puddles forming underneath the rain chain, place a thin layer of absorbent material across the ground. Wood or plastic mulch chips or gravel will absorb excess moisture that drips from the bottom of the rain chain.