4 Items That Will Help You Enjoy Your Fireplace To The Fullest

During the colder months of the year, it is nice to be able to build a fire in your fireplace to enjoy the heat and cheery feeling it adds to your home. There are several important accessories you need with your fireplace so that you can enjoy your home's fireplace to the fullest. It would be a waste to regularly clean your chimney, but not get the most enjoyment out of it possible. So, here are four accessories you need to have with your home fireplace and how they will make your home's gathering place the best.

Stainless Steel Liner

When you burn wood in your fireplace, ashes and burnt cinders are left on the hearth of your fireplace. You will need to clean this up when your fire burns out, or else risk getting soot tracked throughout your home. Instead of just relying on a fireplace poker, broom and dustpan, your fireplace's clean-up will be much more simple with a stainless steel fireplace liner.

This fireplace liner sits on the hearth of your fireplace, under the grate. As you build your fire, this liner collects all the debris and ashes from it. So, after the fire has died out and cooled off, you can dump out the liner into the compost bin. 

The liner is made from stainless steel so that it can withstand the high temperatures that your fires will create, and keeping its integrity. 

Glass Fireplace Doors

The main benefit of a tempered glass fireplace door is to keep the heat that your fireplace creates, inside the room. 

Most fireplaces naturally allow heat to escape up and out the chimney. A glass door over the entrance to your fireplace will still let heat pass through the heat-proof glass, but not let the room's heat escape to the outside. When you are burning wood, you want the warmth it creates to stay inside your home. 

This type of tempered glass on the fireplace doors will not shatter under extreme heat conditions, so it is safe for your family. It will still become hot to the touch, so make sure and keep children away from it. Better yet, place a decorative fireplace screen around the front perimeter of your fireplace to keep tiny fingers away from the hot glass doors.

Fireplace Blower

If you decide to use your fireplace to heat your home's main room, or even a part of your home, you should get the most heat into your home from your fireplace. A fireplace blower is going to double the heat you can get from your fireplace, and it just sits underneath the fireplace logs.

A fireplace blower sucks in cool air from the room, then heats the air as it passes through piping underneath the fire. The hot air is then blown out of the other side of your blower unit, heating the room. 

Make sure your fireplace blower has a capacity to pump out 100 cubic feet per minute or more, or else it won't be effective enough to warm your room.

Reflective Heat Shield

By installing a reflective heat shield, the heat from your fire will be directed into your room instead of into the brick masonry of your fireplace and chimney. 

A stainless steel heat reflector can increase the heat output from your fireplace by as much as 40 percent. With a heat shield, a  fireplace blower, and a glass door, you will be able to focus as much heat as possible from your burning logs, to heat your home.

By implementing these accessory ideas into your home's fireplace, you will get more enjoyment and usefulness from your fireplace and the heat that it produces. And remember to keep your chimney clean to avoid chimney fires with professionals like Early Times Home Solutions.